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Pathologist’s prescription for success

Dr Butany came to Canada after doing his Master of Surgery at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, only to find that all possibilities for training in surgery, all residencies, were closed for the year.

He couldn’t wait until the following year, not with a wife and a six-month-old baby to look after and found an opening for training as a pathologist.

Today, he is an internationally-renowned scientist of internal medicine and pharmacology.

He is consultant cardiovascular pathologist/director, Autopsy Services at the University Health Network/Toronto General Hospital, and serves on national and international committees.

Dr Butany was the president of the Canadian Association of Pathologists and guest editor for many medical journals.

He has several prestigious awards under his belt including the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Department of Laboratory medicine and Pathology, University of Toronto.

“You can’t forget that you are a person of colour,” he says. “You work harder to prove you are at least as good. You do whatever it takes, you work long hours, you work weekends. But this country has been phenomenal for my family. I have perhaps achieved more here than I might have back in India.”

Posted: Jul 4, 2016

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