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Bundeep Singh Rangar: Innovator, entrepreneur

Bundeep Singh Rangar is the ceo of Nanostruck, the company that pioneered a novel water filtration technology. The water remediation market is huge, says Rangar, describing water as the new oil. It is also contaminated and unfit for human consumption in many parts of the world.

Nanostruck studies the contaminants and then programs nano-powders for use as filters to trap mercury, heavy metals and pathogens, etc.

Rangar’s family moved to Canada from Punjab in the 80s, and he grew up between India, Canada and the UK. “I’ll find opportunities as an outsider that others might miss. I’m always going, ‘If you did this with that’...

I guess it comes down to what drives me. I’m not into technology just for technology’s sake, but into how it can improve the lives of people. And water is one of the most important factors determining public health in large parts of the world.”

He tells newcomers it is a privilege to be in Canada.

The facilities, the infrastructure here are really amazing. Know what it is that really drives you. If you enjoy what you do, you’ll excel, you’ll be rewarded proportionately. Follow that inner voice.

No one compels me to come into work each day. Life is too short to waste it like that. Challenge yourself or you’ll remain a cog in the wheel, your net effect on planet earth will be zero. And what’s the point in that?”

Posted: Aug 7, 2016

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