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Hard work takes entrepreneur far in Canada

The colder weather we are heading into reminds Sudhir Talsania of his first winter in Canada. “It used to be colder, snowier, icier!” he says. “The roads were more slippery. But I used to say, there`s nothing anyone can do about the weather, better get used to it!”

He came to Canada in 1975 with just $500 in his pocket, and spent his first few months in the country applying for jobs. “It was very difficult, it was the same old story – no Canadian experience. Without the experience, I could get no job, and without a job, I couldn’t gain Canadian experience. I had to start from scratch, but that’s okay.”

Talsania went on to build a multi-million dollar business. He learnt a lot about himself in the process, he says. “I learnt to maximize my strengths. I am very perceptive and I am very upfront. I explain things logically and I don’t promise what I can’t deliver.”

Asked for what he would say to newcomers who wish to launch their own business, Talsania says, “Exactly what I told my own children – be reasonable in your dealings. Go the extra mile. Stay above the crowd. Once you resort to dubious means, it becomes an addiction, you will do it again. If someone is not straight with me and I ‘get back’ at him, then what’s the difference between us? I am bad, too. I would rather cut off such a relationship and move on. Credibility is very important. And don’t complain. No one has the time to listen.”

Talsania says he loves living and doing business in Canada.

“Life is good here. There are rules and regulations and everyone follows them.

Almost everyone!”

Posted: Nov 1, 2016

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