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Public service motivates Harinder Malhi

Harinder Malhi was motivated by the public service aspect of politics, having seen her father, Gurbax Singh Malhi serve the community as the first turbaned politician to be elected anywhere in the world.

Having campaigned for her father, she built up a strong network of supporters and gained experience as a school board trustee. She was also actively involved in many community organizations as an administrator for summer camps and volunteer with provincial and federal organizations.

“Politics is not about leadership alone, it is also about service,” she says. “It’s about staying and being a part of the community.”

As the parliamentary assistant to the minister responsible for women’s issues, she is well-positioned to work on the challenges women continue to face.

“There are both economic and social issues. We have to challenge norms and myths.”

Malhi is proud of the number of women in her party.

“We have opened the door. Politics can be an all-consuming career and the barriers can be different for women. We are committed to seeing more women in positions of power.”

She truly enjoys meeting people, says Malhi and spending time finding out what is important to them, helping them, is very rewarding.

She advises newcomers, women and youth to stay motivated. “It can be hard, but if you learn from your mistakes and don’t give up, if you continue to believe in yourself, you will succeed. You have to – men and women both – earn respect.”

Posted: Mar 2, 2017

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