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Economist’s success formula

Rahul Deb, an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Toronto, is a pioneer in the study of economic collusion and competition. 

His research interests are in microeconomic theory, mathematical economics, industrial organization and development economics and he is the recipient of the prestigious Polanyi Prize for Economic Science, named in honour of John Charles Polanyi who received the 1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Collusion is an old problem that market regulators have faced, Deb explains. It is what happens when a bunch of firms decide they don’t want to compete against each other and all collude to keep prices high.

“Collusion is bad because competition is good for economic efficiency,” he says.

Deb, who came to Canada in 2010 was drawn to the University of Toronto’s reputation for research. He visited Toronto to check out the place and really liked what he saw. 

“I liked the school, I liked the city, I liked my future colleagues, more so than at other options I had in the US and in Europe. Moving to Canada was an easy decision. One has to show results, prove that the research is good, but the flexibility one is allowed is immense. It is a huge privilege to be an academic in Canada.”

He tells international students and those interested in pursuing pure science to be aware of the big cultural difference in education. 

“If you are going to come here, embrace the culture. It’s normal to want to be with your community, but Canada gives you the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds, from a wide range of countries, make the most of it. You learn more this way. It’s very rewarding if you put yourself out there.”

Posted: Nov 30, 2017

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