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Mentor acts like a spark plug

Neetika Sathe is Vice President, Advanced Planning at Alectra. She first came to Canada in 1992 as a student after completing her Master of Physics Honours from Punjab University. She accepted a scholarship at McMaster University. “I worked hard, I played hard, I started an Indian classical music group, I gave tuitions to supplement my brother’s help. The experience really broadened my horizons.”

She returned to India, got into investment banking, switched to software, got married and had a baby. The couple decided to leave their cushy jobs and privileged lifestyle and move to Canada in 2002. Sathe gave them 100 days to find jobs in their own fields – if that didn’t work, they would take up any available job to pay the bills. Both found jobs in their own fields within weeks. Sathe was involved in an opportunity to revamp the auto industry as chief marketing manager for Nissan crossovers. She moved to PowerStream and was VP Corporate Development and Smart Technologies before  joining Alectra as Director, Emerging Technologies. 

Canada has been good to the family and she calls their second son Canada’s gift to them.

She enrolled with TRIEC and ACCES as a mentor. “I see my role as a spark plug, I help get newcomers who may have come in with low self-esteem, started. They may be in jobs they hate, they try mentorship as a last resort and I infuse energy.”

She advises her mentees to engage with others, not just search on the internet. “See the trends in the market, practise active listening, reinvent yourself.” She says she looks back with gratitude at the mentors she herself had and finds her interactions with her mentees immensely rewarding. 

Posted: Mar 7, 2018

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