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Kundan Joshi’s pursuit of app-iness

Kundan Joshi, founder and CEO of The App Lab describes his team of professionals as technology evangelists. “We want our work to amount to something. While allowing technology to fill a need, we want our work to have a positive impact. That’s become our mantra.”

The team has created over 450 apps for clients large and small, ranging from enterprise giants like Unilever, Dell and Samsung to innovative startups. With the StartupLabb, an accelerator for high potential technology startups, Joshi invests in the people who have the big idea but are looking for technology expertise and or funding.

He launched his own big idea 13 years ago when he was still relatively new to the country and paying off his student loans. “We were a bootstrap organization. Working out of our basement, keeping costs lean... but we got in at the right time and our work ethics, our passion, helped us get ahead,” he says. 

The company that began with just him and his wife Surbhi has now grown to one with six offices in Toronto, New York, Hong Kong, Melbourne and India.

He tells young newcomers who may wish to follow him into entrepreneurship that it’s very important in the formative years to enrich their experience.

“We tend to pigeonhole ourselves in certain aspects of our lives. Step out of your comfort zones as much as possible. Take a few risks, expose yourself to new opportunities. Explore new dimensions of your personality. Expand your horizon. And have a clear vision. That vision is formed when you see a problem that needs to be solved in an area you are passionate about. 

“Don’t get into entrepreneurship because you think it’s cool or because you think it will make you rich. Entrepreneurship is not easy. It involves sacrifice, a lot of hard work. So your foundation, your vision, must be very strong.

“I am blessed that a portion of my work involves helping others. That validates us.”

Posted: Apr 1, 2018

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