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Entrepreneur’s success formula

Among his peer community of scientists and entrepreneurs, he is known as the guy who drank a chemical cocktail. “The competition at Start Up Chile is fierce, with 85 companies from all over the world competing – selected from 2000 applicants – and I wanted to do something different,” says Dr Nikhil Gunari, who went on to win the prestigious contest.

His research as a surface scientist has led to multiple inventions in the antifouling coatings field and he has been recognized as the inventor of the year by the University of Toronto. He has worked on deriving chemicals from nature that are biodegradable and completely nontoxic to humans.

“There was a huge pressure to find alternatives that were also cost-effective,” says Dr Gunari who did his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Mainz in Germany and came to Canada in 2006 to pursue a post-doctoral fellowship. “All my ventures have social impact. I want to make a difference. If I can make a living while doing so, great.”

Though he came with a work permit, he is not unaware of the challenges that many newcomers face. However, he has a unique take on them. “Challenges happen. Your success or failure depends on how you deal with them. Wherever one is, one can find something to complain about. The way I see it, we have chosen to come to this beautiful country, there are so many opportunities here. One of the biggest challenges newcomers face is in finding meaningful employment. Well, then, entrepreneurship is the way to go. Adapt. Have the courage to strike out on your own. I don’t believe in blaming external factors.

“There are so many aspirators who will help, so many avenues to explore. Grants and loans that can help you start a business. Educate yourself, find mentors, network, gain knowledge. I was not born an entrepreneur!”

Posted: Jun 1, 2018

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