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Is your logo working for you?

In today’s marketing world, it’s become more competitive to stand out of the crowd. Businesses in general are spending more resources on standing out rather than selling.

As businesses shift their focus on brand building and establishing an identity in the market, a logo design plays an important role in that strategy. It is used to establish a unique visual identity for your business – this is why it is more important for businesses to have a logo design that can help with their overall marketing goals, such as standing out from their competitors and as a tool to influence their target market.

Larger corporations have the resources to do market research before approving a logo design to go public. However, a small business usually doesn’t have the resources to conduct expensive marketing research.

As a small business owner, you do, however, have an edge over large corporations when it comes to collecting data about clients and potential buyers. As a small business owner you can be more social and can communicate with your clientele directly on a more personal and human level.

Using this edge as a small business, you, too, can easily find out the effectiveness of your logo design. Thanks to social web marketing (see earlier articles (opens new tab): So many social networks, so little time!, How to use Facebook as an effective business tool, Are you on YouTube?) small businesses can collect such information on their social networks or fan and product pages. If you are not on online social web, what are you waiting for? This is an excellent place to start promoting your products!

You’d be surprised to find out how many of your existing customers already use social web (such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and they would be more than happy to interact and build a long term relationship with you there.

As a small business you can even announce a logo design contest where your customers can send in their design ideas. You can give the winner a special discount on your products or services or recognition on a large scale. Once selected, take the winning logo to a professional logo designer and ask them to build upon it.

Small businesses are using their logo designs almost everywhere now – from bags to paper cups. The more you spread your logo around, the more familiar your clients will get with your logo. Remember it is not always a faulty logo design causing you trouble, part of the issue is the way the logo is being utilized as a sales tool. Pay particular attention to the theme of your logo – sometimes businesses use logo designs that do not match the description of their business and that can be half the problem.

• SANJU GANGLANI is the President of Gang&lani Productions, a Mississauga-based custom marketing services company and co-founder, brand & land

Posted: Feb 3, 2011

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