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Documentary film-maker Chandra Siddan

Chandra Siddan examined her life with an unflinching honesty in her documentary, Remembrance of Things Present. Siddan made the documentary to discover for herself whether her life was a function of a dysfunctional family or a dysfunctional culture, but Remembrance...is more than just Siddan’s personal story.

She made certain points in it that connect to the stories of women everywhere.

Women are the ultimate migrant labour, she concluded.

“Women get a bad deal where they are and feel they will gain some power by moving out. Moving out of a parent’s home, getting married, having children and all the housework...I see the same thing with nannies people hire from South America. The nanny accepts this job to escape poverty. She is still disempowered and underpowered, but this is a form of freedom compared to where she was. Women move in order to gain power, to gain some control over their lives,” says Siddan.

“Education breaks the cycle of isolation and disempowerment.”

Posted: Feb 29, 2012

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