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Vasdev Chanchalani’s vision for philanthropy

As a new immigrant, I had been in survival mode,” says Vasdev Chanchalani. “When the home front was secure, I ventured into business.”

Today, he heads an organization with over 1000 employees and a turnover of $100 million. Wanting to give back to Canada, the country where he found phenomenal success, and to India, his country of birth, he created the Chanchalani Global Indian Award with a $1 million endowment to recognize global leaders from among South Asians.

Recipients include former Indian president APJ Kalam and Sam Pitroda. This year, the award will recognize Deepak Chopra. He has also created the CNIB Chanchalani Global Vision Research Award with a $100,000 endowment and donated $1million to fund the Chanchalani Research Centre at McMaster University. Chanchalani believes attitude is everything.

“Attitude accounts for 95 per cent of success; aptitude or talent or whatever you wish to call it, for just about five per cent. A willingness to work hard and with the right team, those are also prime ingredients. But the most important thing in my view – for life to be meaningful – is to enjoy the whole process of success.”

Posted: Apr 2, 2012

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