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Life is a canvas for multimedia artist Panchal Mansaram

Panchal Mansaram’s move to Canada in 1966 was based on two assumptions: That Canadians had a lot of money and would therefore buy a lot of art; and that he would find work at the Expo 67 being organized in Montreal.

He was proved wrong on both counts, but it is not in his nature, he says, to see things as obstacles. The initial years were not easy, but Mansaram has never taken the conventional route.

He broadened the scope of his art and dreamed up the collages he is now famous for – Mansamedia.

Art is not as simple as an artist thinking of an idea, he believes.

“There is a niyati, an internal power, that inspires an artist. During the process of painting, it’s almost as if a divine energy, a daivic shakti, enters the artist. That’s why artists will tell you they were ‘absent’ when the painting was created. That it was not a conscious process.”

He recently concluded a very successful exhibition, Intersection, Mansaram and McLuhan, at the Ed Video Gallery in Guelph, Ontario.

Posted: Aug 1, 2012

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