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Actor-dancer Anita Majumdar embraces her identity

Writer, dancer, performer and actor Anita Majumdar says, “As a little girl in Vancouver, I wanted to be an actress. But I didn’t want to play a trophy wife or run around trees and break into a song-and-dance routine.”

Majumdar completed the three-year acting program at the prestigious National Theatre School of Canada and has been seen in plays such as Bombay Black and Shakuntala.

She has written and performed in her own shows, Fish Eyes and Misfit.

“Growing up, I really wanted to be something I wasn’t. I tried to deny or block a part of my identity. It was only when I was in my 20s that I really embraced who I am.

“This is something many young desis face.”

She did her part to help them remove the mental block with Fish Eyes, which blends comedy and dance and is the story of a typical Canadian teenager torn between two cultures.

Majumdar has also been seen in the CBC docudrama Murder Unveiled and most recently, in Deepa Mehta’s Midnight’s Children.

Posted: Oct 31, 2012

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