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Dr Shiva’s cosmic balance

   Dr Ramier Sivanandan, popular as Dr Shiva in Canada, won the Genie for Achievement in Music – original song – for Rahi nagufta – the ghazal that was picturized on Naseeruddin Shah in Amal. He composed the music and sang the ghazal.

A medical doctor with a string of alphabets after his name, Dr Shiva never practised medicine in Canada. Having worked in Kuwait and Ireland and done residencies in India, Ireland and England, there came a point when he had to decide how many more residencies he was willing to do – and he would have been required to do one as a newcomer in Canada. Instead, he made a conscious choice to focus on music.

Dr Shiva has opened doors for South Asian artistes by staying true to his art and receiving recognition for his work, but he holds to the belief that there is still a lot of work to be done.

He reiterates his faith in Canada and his pride in being Canadian, calling it a great country.

“But extraordinary talent has to work to educate the audience, he says. “That’s our duty.” 

Posted: Jul 3, 2013

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