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Helping improve public sanitation in India

Mandip Kaur Sandher’s mother sent her to visit extended family in India when she was 13. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, this was her first visit to India and her first time ever in a village. 

“I asked my aunt where the toilet was, and she pointed to the sugarcane field!” laughs Sandher. 

She immigrated to Canada in 1994 and says, “If you want health and wealth, you have to try and ensure that others have it too, otherwise there is no balance. People say there is chaos in the world, but there isn’t, really. What there is an opportunity to fix things.”

Sandher read about girls in rural India dropping out of school due to a lack of toilets and founded the Punjab Lioness Toilet Foundation in honour of her mother who had raised four children single-handedly after losing her husband at a young age. She quit a successful career in marketing and communications and worked with the Sulabh Foundation in India to build toilets for families in rural Punjab.  

She wants to raise awareness of sanitation issues in India and around the globe and she wants to connect people to the right information and resources that can help them provide sanitation solutions. 

“I hold fast to the belief that if you do something with your own hands, you see the change you are making.”

Posted: Oct 30, 2013

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