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Mervon Mehta brings the world of music to Toronto

Mervon Mehta is the Executive Director, Performing Arts, at the Royal Conservatory

He is responsible for bringing the best of world  music to the Royal Conservatory, and describes Toronto’s cultural scene as vibrant and alive. 
Anoushka Shankar, Zakir Hussein, Asha Bhosle, Canadian composers, Estonian composers, they’ve all performed at the prestigious venue.  

The son of legendary conductor Zubin Mehta and voice teacher Carmen Mehta, he was born in Vienna, Austria, and grew up in Montreal. His grandfather Mehli Mehta started the Bombay Symphony Orchestra. Mehta’s own career has seen him on both sides of the curtain. He has performed as an actor in over a 100 theatrical productions, was a founding member of the Neighbourhood Group Theatre in New York and has made several appearances on television and in films. He has been director of one of America’s oldest and most musically diverse outdoor festivals. 

His love for the theatre, television and films coexists with his passion for music. 

“They are all ways of expressing myself. I’m more of a music administrator now, but I see putting the best concert together as a very creative, collaborative process.” 

Posted: Dec 4, 2013

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