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Rahul Bhardwaj has a finger on the pulse of Toronto

Rahul Bhardwaj is the President and CEO of the Toronto Community Foundation. He has served as board member of a number of prestigious Canadian organizations including the Stratford Festival, Art Gallery of Ontario Foundation, Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation, United Way of Greater Toronto and Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival, before taking over as president and CEO of Toronto Community Foundation. 

He has also been Vice-President of the Toronto 2008 Olympic bid and CEO of United Way of York Region.

The Toronto Community Foundation manages more than $200 million in charitable assets and distributes grants to community organizations. As CEO, Bhardwaj develops partnerships for fixing, improving or enhancing aspects of Toronto, increasing endowments and helps implement changes recommended in Vital Signs, a document the Foundation releases each year on the health of the city.

Bhardwaj was born in London, England, and came to Canada  with his parents when he was six. He studied Philosophy at the University of Toronto and went on to become a corporate lawyer with a Bay Street firm. “I have seen the impact individuals can make, how civic engage-ment can improve all aspects of a city. It became a calling. I am passionate about this work.” 

Posted: Mar 5, 2014

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