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Debut author Sarita Mandanna’s success story

Sarita Mandanna made waves in the publishing world for receiving the highest advance ever paid by an Indian publisher to a first-time author. Her debut novel, Tiger Hills, was long-listed for the Man Asian Literary Prize and received rave reviews across the globe.

Asked for guidance by budding writers, her answer is simple. Sit down and write. “I had a job that paid the bills so it was easy on that front, but for six years I wrote without knowing if anything would come of it. You have to devote yourself to your craft. My way may not be the only way, but give it all you’ve got. We tend to put things off – don’t. Finesse your work. Make sure it is ready. I was my worst critic. I re-worked the draft six or seven times and ripped out two characters and re-did it again. Do as much as you can to make it your best effort – you have one shot with an agent or a publisher. But write for yourself, not with a publisher in mind or for a particular audience.” 

Mandanna came to Canada in 2010 to join her husband.

Posted: Apr 1, 2014

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