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An innovative idea in aircraft safety takes flight

 Inflight Safety Monitoring System (ISMS), that aviation industry experts see replacing the black box, is the brainchild of  Viraf Kapadia, an accountant who had never piloted a plane, not even a small, light aircraft.

With a finance background, Kapadia moved to Canada in 1988 after a few years in England, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

While establishing a tax and accounting business in Canada, he also looked for the right team to get his idea off the ground.

The group faced several hurdles, not the least of which was scepticism. If it was such a great idea, how come the avionics industry had not come up with it?

But Kapadia persevered and saw success. 

“Stay away from naysayers, from people who try to discourage you” he says. 

“Friends and relatives told me the idea would never succeed and that I would be better off going back to Dubai or India. But I never gave up.”

Now, with his focus on seeing ISMS on commercial aircraft, Kapadia says he believes that in Canada, if you dream it, you can achieve it.” 

Posted: Sep 30, 2014

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