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Canadian entrepreneuer works to empower India’s youth

When it was announced that Android 2.2 tablets would be made available to students at 100 universities across India for between $20 and $35, the news was greeted with jubilation by students across the country. There was also cause for celebration in Canada because Datawind, the company engineering and delivering the world’s cheapest tablet, is owned by two Canadians, brothers Raja and Suneet Tuli.

“We called the tablets Aakash (sky) because they are a means to empower India’s youth through education, allowing them to reach for the sky,” says Suneet Tuli, CEO of Datawind. 

Huge numbers in India are kept away from accessing technology because of the price factor. The Tulis figured if they engineered a product with the right specifications and price, the demographic dividend would be incalculable. 

Born in Ludhiana, India, Tuli moved with his parents to Canada in 1979. He encourages newcomers to keep their dreams alive. 

“If someone were to ask me to name the one place in the world I’d raise my family, my answer would be, Canada.”

Posted: Dec 3, 2014

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