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Madhu Nagaraja swims into history

Madhu Nagaraja swam into history when he waded into Lake Ontario at Port Dalhousie in 2011. For when he touched land in Oakville, Ontario, 24 hours and 26 minutes later, he became the first South Asian ever to have swum across the lake. And one of only 50 to have completed the gruelling swim, billed as one of the three toughest in the world.

He has also crossed the English Channel.

“The common factor is the human spirit,” he says, of the vastly different swimming conditions. “My team believed in me, I had to do it.”

In January 2015, Nagaraja also attempted to cross the Straits of Magellan, off the coast of South America. Frigid water temperature and howling winds called Williwaw that can whip the strait into a frenzy of 20-foot breakers, ripping currents, whirlpools and marine life of all description didn’t deter him. In fact, they were what appealed to Nagaraja and inspired him to take up the challenging swim that only 21 people in the world have completed thus far. Deteriorating conditions forced him to pull out before completing it, but he is gearing up to make the next attempt soon. 

Posted: Apr 28, 2015

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