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Lottery system for sponsoring parents and grandparents unfair

There is no question that Canada’s decision to use a lottery system to award permanent resident status to sponsored parents and grandparents is wrong in many ways.It is arbitrary.It is unfair to those who were already in the queue and have waited for a very long time.It will create a great deal of stress for applicants and the families of those whose status remains insecure and who will, every year, anxiously await the outcome of the next lottery... until the parents are too old.The problem is that the previous system was badly dysfunctional, too.Asking Canadian families to wait years and years for a decision is also wrong, especially when we are referring to ageing parents and...

Posted: Mar 2, 2017

Occupations-specific partnerships match internationally-trained newcomers with mentors

“It takes a whole village – or a city in fact – to make The Mentoring Partnership a success,” said Margaret Eaton, Executive Director of Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC).The Mentoring Partnership matches internationally-trained newcomers with established Canadians in occupations-specific partnerships to learn about the Canadian job market.Partnerships run 24 hours over 4 months with 75 per cent of mentees reporting finding work in their professional field within 12 months of completing the program.Jennifer Veenboer has a wealth of experience working in provincial and municipal government.Still, every time she’s mentored a skilled immigrant through The Mentoring...

Posted: Mar 2, 2017

CAREER STRATEGIES: Preparing for a job interview: Practise, practise, practise!

In the previous issue we talked about the application process. Many highly qualified people have received rejection letters in their professional journeys.So if you receive a rejection letter from the organization to which you applied, don’t be discouraged. Send them a thank you letter and leave the door open as there may be other opportunities to apply to them.Do not ever engage in negativity toward the organization or say anything counterproductive. If you receive a letter inviting you to an interview you will need to think and plan very carefully to prepare for the interview.Research as much as you can about the organization – their mission, vision, values, strategic plan and...

Posted: Jan 31, 2017

Applying for Canadian immigration: Get it right the first time

Unfortunate stories in Canadian newspapers draw attention to how easy it is to mess up an application for Canadian immigration status, even when the applicant appears to be sophisticated – and how costly those mistakes can be.These headlines illustrate what many of us see regularly.Smart people, including international students and professionals, make innocent mistakes that are fatal to the success of their application.At best this can create considerable delay, and at worst it can lead even to disqualification from ever trying again.That this can happen to people who, many of them, actually qualify for permanent residence makes the situation even more difficult to see.The hopes of whole...

Posted: Jan 31, 2017

Investments in mentoring support skilled newcomers to Canada

The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) announced investments totalling $1.64 million in its program, The Mentoring Partnership, from the RBC Foundation, the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.The Mentoring Partnership pairs skilled immigrants with mentors in their professional field.“Mentoring is a solution that works,” said Margaret Eaton, TRIEC’s Executive Director.“Seventy-five per cent of immigrants who go through the program find work in their field within 12 months. The goal now is to grow the program so we can reach even more immigrants. This investment will help us achieve that goal.”A recent impact...

Posted: Oct 31, 2016

Alternative careers: Taking a different path to meaningful employment
Posted: Oct 4, 2016

Canada starts a national conversation on immigration
Posted: Aug 7, 2016

Virtual mentoring connects global mentees with mentors in Canada
Posted: Jul 4, 2016

Entrepreneurship is increasingly attractive to newcomers
Posted: May 4, 2016

Self-employed newcomers, make dollars and sense of your income tax return
Posted: Apr 1, 2016

Newcomers, your taxes can help fund your new life in Canada
Posted: Feb 29, 2016

Newcomers, secure your financial future!
Posted: Feb 2, 2016

Warm up to your first Canadian winter
Posted: Jan 5, 2016

You can prepare and file your own Canadian immigration application, right?
Posted: Nov 1, 2015

Fall in Canada: Enjoy a great Canadian tradition
Posted: Sep 30, 2015

Opportunities for women in Canada
Posted: Sep 30, 2015

Mentoring partnership helps newcomers
Posted: Jun 2, 2015

Indian PM’s historic visit to Canada promotes bilateral ties
Posted: Apr 28, 2015

Moving to Canada? Do it right!
Posted: Jan 4, 2015

Tips for winter driving in Toronto
Posted: Dec 3, 2014

Don’t let Canada’s winter get under your skin
Posted: Dec 3, 2014

How to get acclimatized to Canada’s winter
Posted: Dec 3, 2014

Newcomers’ choice of destination in Canada makes a difference
Posted: Sep 1, 2014

Microskills: Helping newcomer women and youth
Posted: Jun 30, 2014

New rules for work permits
Posted: Apr 1, 2014

Small towns in Canada offer big rewards for newcomers
Posted: Dec 4, 2013

Canada welcomes the first immigrants under the Federal Skilled Trades program
Posted: Oct 2, 2013

How to make a successful offer on a new home
Posted: Jul 31, 2013

Finding the right neighbourhood for your family’s needs
Posted: Jul 31, 2013

Tips for newcomers: How to choose the mortgage that’s right for you
Posted: Jul 31, 2013

Tips for newcomers: How to purchase your first home in Canada
Posted: Jul 30, 2013

Brampton newcomers bus tours a success
Posted: May 1, 2013

Newcomers flock to Brampton
Posted: May 1, 2013

Toronto welcomes newcomers
Posted: Apr 3, 2013

Bridging program for internationally-trained nurses
Posted: Mar 3, 2013

British Columbia needs skilled labour
Posted: Jan 31, 2013

Get that Canadian job faster with these five simple tips
Posted: Dec 31, 2012

Canadian immigration system gets a makeover
Posted: Dec 4, 2012

Toronto is a magnet for newcomers
Posted: Oct 31, 2012

Planning on studying in Canada? It pays to listen to these gentlemen!
Posted: Oct 2, 2012

How College Students Can Avoid Credit Hassles
Posted: Sep 4, 2012

Speed mentoring helps newcomers to Canada
Posted: Aug 1, 2012

Does life in Canada meet immigrants’ expectations?
Posted: Jul 4, 2012

Why do immigrants earn less in their first years in Canada?
Posted: May 30, 2012

How to dress for success: Seminars and workshops on topics of interest to newcomers.
Posted: May 2, 2012

Interactive workshops for newcomers
Posted: May 2, 2012

How to reduce your Canadian tax bill
Posted: Apr 2, 2012

Champion of social justice invested with the Order of Ontario
Posted: Feb 29, 2012

Coping with the stress of coming to a new country
Posted: Feb 1, 2012

Immigration can be stressful at many levels, but there’s help at hand
Posted: Feb 1, 2012

Award for many years of serving the immigrant community
Posted: Jan 3, 2012

Schulich School of Business to build a world-class campus in India
Posted: Dec 1, 2011

Top marks for Ontario schools
Posted: Nov 2, 2011

How immigrants keep their language alive in Canada
Posted: Oct 6, 2011

Move-in advice for newcomers to Canada: “Be emotionally prepared”
Posted: Aug 31, 2011

Internationally-trained immigrants find alternative employment solutions and satisfaction in helping other newcomers
Posted: Aug 5, 2011

Ontario human rights system: 50 years of progress worth defending
Posted: Jul 1, 2011

Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services: programs and services for newcomers to Canada
Posted: Jun 2, 2011

Agency helps immigrants improve their chances of finding work
Posted: Jun 2, 2011

The Chaturvedis find their groove in Canada
Posted: Apr 30, 2011

Job prospects draw newcomers to Ontario
Posted: Mar 31, 2011

Top performers recognized for leveraging skilled immigrant talent
Posted: Mar 31, 2011

Amar Shah’s five tips to get you the job you want
Posted: Mar 4, 2011

Changes to the Immigrant Investor Program necessary, says minister
Posted: Mar 4, 2011

Understanding the changes to the Immigrant Investor Program
Posted: Mar 4, 2011

Canadian university in India prepping students for success in Canada
Posted: Jan 6, 2011

Tips to ensure success in your job hunt
Posted: Dec 4, 2010

Toronto is unmatched for its sense of community
Posted: Nov 14, 2010

Ontario opens doors to opportunities for new immigrants
Posted: Oct 16, 2010

A parent’s guide to bringing up caring, high-achieving children in Canada
Posted: Sep 3, 2010

A management student’s approach to finding the right university in Canada
Posted: Aug 6, 2010

Canadians Believe Overseas Compatriots Are Still ‘Real’ Canadians, APF Canada Poll Finds
Posted: Jul 15, 2010

How to choose an immigration consultant
Posted: Jul 1, 2010

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